Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Day 12 - First Cycle of Chemo

I'm really happy today.  I had a good day.  This morning I awoke with a sense of things to accomplish.  Without pushing myself, I was able to make blueberry cornbread loaves which were really good.  Hopefully they will provide some fibre to keep me more balanced and regular.  I also received a nice phone call from a friend from church.  After doing the baking and having my lunch, I was weary.  I did rest for a bit this afternoon while I did some reading and ignored the telephone.  After my rest, I had a small visit with a friend who dropped by with some green ginger tea for me to help settle my stomach when it's upset.

I even made a nice dinner for the family using a new recipe.  My life has really changed when a good day is based on accomplishing only two activities instead of a multitude.  Slowing down has been a big challenge for me so far.

The gut is still rumbling and a little uncomfortable.  Hopefully the cornbread will help.  Tomorrow afternoon I return to my oncologist for a check up.

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