Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Day 19 - First Chemo Cycle

The hair is continuing to fall out more and continually all day.  By tonight, it was very, very thin on the back of my head and I've lost some of the length on the neck.  In a way, it will be good to lose the hair completely so I won't be shedding all over the computer and throughout the house.

I'm tired today.  I had a nap this afternoon but it hasn't really helped that much.  I'm struggling to stay out of the doldrums today for some reason.  A good friend called late this afternoon and it did help lift my spirits.  I've been knitting some more today, but I'm slow as my fingers are clumsy.  I'll most likely head to bed earlier tonight.  Tomorrow I have a doctor's appointment just to make sure I'm OK to start the second round of chemo on Thursday.


  1. Wow Cathy when I stop to think about what you are going thru and have already accomplished since late Nov when this all started, you are the least selfish person I know. You do what is right for you, don't worry about anyone elses feelings, we are not going thru what you are. Your system is very fragile at the moment and has to be taken care of. I hope Lindsay feels better about the situation and keeps the faith that all will be good in the end. You are right, on the outside things will change, but on the inside you are you and her loving mom.
    Good luck tomorrow and getting ready for round 2.

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  2. Dear Cathy.. We think about you very very often... please let us know if there is anything we can do to help.. we can drive Lindsay back to your place on Sundays after curling..
    We miss you at the club.. pls. let us know if that would be of help..
    We send our Hugs and prayers .. ♥
    María Helena, Dave & Nicholas.