Monday, 13 February 2012

Day 12 - 2nd Chemo Cycle

Today was another great day.  I felt well and I had energy.  I went for a chiropractic adjustment which felt wonderful.  I haven't had one since the beginning of November.

Then tonight I went for a walk to the mall with my husband.  It was so nice to get out of the house.  I did notice that I need to wear my touque to hide my balding head as I'm self-conscious about it.  The touque makes me too warm though when I'm indoors.  While I was out and about today, I did notice that people who I met and also know about the cancer smiled and said hello and then made a quick peek upwards to my head and back to my eyes again.  I'm not sure if this is because they are uncomfortable or just curious.  I haven't been out with people too much yet and so I'm not sure how to handle when people are uncomfortable with me because I have "cancer".  I hope it doesn't become the elephant in the room.

The walk outside tonight was cold but I noticed the clear bright stars.  I actually wanted to poke along at a slow pace just to stargaze.  I've always liked the outdoors and nature.  I loved our time when we lived in the country.  It's funny how when your life is threatened, you appreciate the simple things around you much more.

A good friend dropped by tonight and dropped off a card and some goodies.  This really warmed my heart because she is in the midst of a family crisis of her own.  And this morning I received a couple of really nice emails of support and encouragement.  There seeems to be a common thread among the emails, comments, notes, etc.

 Everyone seems to appreciate my blog as it helps them to witness the day to day struggle of enduring chemotherapy and the side effects.  When I started my blog, my intention was for it to be an outlet and opportunity for me to acknowledge my fears, emotions and struggles.  It was also to help family and friends to walk the journey of cancer with me for support.  I never dreamed that it would help people understand the process and inspire them.  I do not consider myself a very inspiring person.  I see myself as a warm and caring person who just handles life as it happens, both the good and the bad.  I do tend to meet problems head on and try to solve them.  Anyway, if this blog is helping to inspire other people and help them to understand what it is like for people to go through chemotherapy, then this is a good thing.


  1. Glad to hear/read that you are doing somewhat better. I hope and pray you will have more ups then downs. Do keep the blog going, it has become a daily ritual for me to stop and check in on you and read what has been happening. Although we are separated by distance, I feel closer and try to feel and understand what it is you are going thru.Happy Valentines day are so very very Special.

  2. It's great news that you are doing so well. And I'm glad you got out for a nice walk. This blog is definitely an inspiration to a lot of people. Sometimes the simple act of sharing our feelings and thoughts is enough to help and offer encouragement to someone else. We are all connected.

  3. You could never be the elephant in the room, Cathy, you are too full of positive energy for that! I'm glad to hear that you are feeling as well as you are, and feeling like going out - that is wonderful. It really is inspiring to see how well you are handling all that you are going through at the moment, and I think it is lovely how openly you are sharing. I know it will help so many people on so many levels, as well as encouraging others who going through the same thing. Take care. x