Friday, 10 February 2012

Day 9 - 2nd Chemo Cycle "One Moment at a Time"

Today was certainly better than even yesterday.  Today my appetite started to return.  Unfortunately, my digestive system isn't in sync with my appetite.  So it was a day of enjoying when I ate, but paying for it afterwards.  However, this is still better and I can tell I'm on the upswing.

I am still tired today.  I'm not normally at television watcher so I'm getting bored of what's on the tv.  I'm reading more which is good as it shows that my mind is getting sharper and can handle the concentration required for reading.  I've been knitting more today too.

I've noticed the last few days that my voice is more hoarse again, much like it was in November when I first found the lump in my neck.  I'm hoping this is because the tumor is shrinking back to the size it was then and as a result is pressing on some of the nerves leading to the larynx.  As a result of the hoarseness, my voice is more weak again and I can't talk for too long.  Thank goodness for emails as I can still have contact with family and friends without straining/tiring out my voice.

Years ago I used to plant seeds indoors around the end of February or beginning of March so I would have vegetable plants and flowers for my garden.  I'm thinking that maybe I'll be able to start some seeds indoors this year and watch them grow.  Maybe watching them grow will be another reminder of what is good when I'm feeling bad.  I'm hoping that by May I'll be able to work outside in the garden and enjoy being outdoors.  Seeing seedlings grow and develop may help motivate me and give me hope.  I'll just have to make sure I'm handling the soil and seeds when my immune system is in its stronger time.  So let's hope that in a few weeks you'll see some entries regarding gardening.

I want to thank all my friends and family who have sent me their prayers and encouragement through emails and comments the last couple of days.  This was a bit of a rough patch and you all helped carry me through and lift my spirits.   Thank you.

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