Sunday, 25 March 2012

Day 11 - 4th Chemo Cycle

This was an absolutely fantastic day!  Tiring but fantastic.  Our former neighbours and friends lost two mothers within the last week.  I managed to convince my husband that I had the energy to do a two hour drive to a wake and another two hours home.  I'm so glad we did!!

As we arrived in Finch, ON, we unexpectedly met up with some old friends.  We stood in line for the wake and visited.  As we waited in the line up, I saw other old friends.  It was heart warming.  When we finally reached the family we came to visit, it was very emotional.  How I wanted to be there for them last week!  I couldn't because I was having my chemo done.  I'm so glad we made the trip today.  I just wanted to hold them and not let go.  My heart breaks for my friends as they go through the heartache again so soon.

I had warned another friend that I might be making the trip.  I couldn't guarantee anything because it all was depending on my energy level this morning.  As requested, I called her just before we left home at noon.  Didn't we see her and her husband at the funeral home.  We hugged and they invited us back to the farm for a visit.  The lineup at the funeral home was very long, so when we left we decided to drive past our old home.  How it has changed!!  Anyway, at our friends' farm, we met up and got a tour, had a visit with their parents, met two of their children, had dinner and a lovely visit.  Before we knew it, it was 8:30 p.m.!!  So back on the road we went and drove home.

I'm tired but I figure I can rest for the next few days if needed.  Oh yeah, the constipation bug has bit me again.  So I just finished my thrush medicaton and now I'm back on some more medication.  However, that being said, I'm feeling fairly good and my appetite is back.  Now to enjoy the next week and a half.

Today was worth tiring myself out.  More warm memories were created and these will carry me through dark times in the future.  Oh yes... we arrived home to find our dinner for tomorrow night dropped off at the house.  Our son was the one who found it on a chair at the front door, because no one had been home.  There was no note with it but we finally figured out who the good samaritan was and are very grateful.

My next "project" will be to make a list of places to visit in my "Cathy Conquers Cancer Tour".  This list may take more than one year to complete.

Life is so precious and so good!!

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  1. So glad you had such a great day, Cathy! There are so many up ahead waiting for you :)