Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Day 21 - 3rd Chemo Cycle

I was to my doctor today.  My red blood cell counts and my platelet (clotting cells) counts were well within the normal range.  My white blood cell counts were just under the normal mark.  My doctor is very pleased with my progress.   I did mention to the doctor that I don't have much stamina.  He said this is quite normal and it will rebound once the treatments are all finished.  I also have had a sore throat through most of this cycle and struggling with hoarseness again.  It had seemed to let up.  Dr. Meyer checked my throat and it looked clear of any infection.  He mentioned that the nerve running to my larynx was affected by the tumour pressing on it.  It will take some time for the nerve to heal.  The nerve may be also slow in healing because the Vincristin (one of the chemo drugs) can affect the nerves.  This particular nerve may be highly sensitive to the Vincristin because it was already compromised.  Dr. Meyer had a great quote which was "You're now in the dog days of treatment". This means I'm in the middle and may be getting tired of it all.  This is true.  I've been anxious the last couple of days and I am dreading this next round.  I really don't like feeling miserable although I'm still able to knit and feel useful which helps me mentally.

I forgot to mention that yesterday when I was briefly pruning the grape vine, one of the twigs caught my touque and pulled it off my head.  I was quite embarrassed and hoped that none of my neighbours saw me with my balding head.  I felt rather exposed.  I'm sure it must have looked funny though.

It was too cold today to sit out although it was very sunny.  Today I did get to walk a good distance to my appointment.  The fresh air always makes me feel good.  Perhaps as the warmer weather arrives now, I'll be able to sit outside during my worst times and enjoy the warmth of the sun.  My husband has even offered to tuck the afghans around me to keep me warm.  We'll have to see.  I don't want to get sunburned as I will be more susceptible to that due to the side effects of the chemo.

I'm off now to enjoy a Shamrock Shake.  I have always loved these milkshakes from McDonalds leading up to St. Patrick's Day.  I have to get mine tonight or else I have to wait until next year.  I can't see that my body would enjoy it anytime soon after my chemo treatment.  So off I go.  One more treat before the injection tomorrow!

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  1. enjoy your shake Cathy to the last drop....good luck tomorrow...I will thinking and praying all goes well. You are over the hump!!