Saturday, 14 April 2012

Day 10 - 5th Chemo Cycle

Finally I'm on the upswing in this cycle!!!  I woke up and felt great.  I did a load of laundry and hung it out.  Who knew that one day I would rejoice in doing a mundane chore such as laundry!  I went shopping for about one and a half hours with my husband where I got to visit with merchants that I haven't seen since November.  Unfortunately, part way through I ran out of energy and got dizzy and weak.  We were at the local mall and my husband had to go get the car and drive to the nearest door to collect me.  Then he drove me to the other end of the mall so we could finish our shopping.  It's frustrating that I can't even walk the length of the mall.  But at least I got out and did some shopping!  My husband and daughter dropped me off at home and continued the shopping and errands.

I had some of my carrot ginger soup for lunch and rested for a while.  By the time my husband came home in the mid afternoon, I went out and, with his help, finished pruning the grape vines.  We rewarded ourselves by sitting on the patio and watching the different birds visit our backyard.  We saw our first house finch this season visit the bird feeder.  He then flitted away but I could hear him singing from whatever tree he landed in.  We had black-capped chickadees, sparrows, grackles, mourning doves and red-winged blackbirds.  The highlight was seeing Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal come to the feeder.  I wished I had my camera with me but I didn't.  Mr Cardinal arrived and sat on the feeder.  Then he gently chirped and along came Mrs. Cardinal.  She was more  reserved and sat in our red maple a little while before joining her mate on the feeder.  From our view on the patio, they ate together and it looked like they were embracing each other in a hug.  After a bit, Mr. Cardinal flew away to the big oak tree in the corner of our yard.  Mrs. Cardinal flew to our hedge which is located just under the oak tree.  We could hear Mr. Cardinal chirping for her to join him.  She didn't immediately, but when he flew away to another yard, she wasn't to be left behind and off she went.

My husband decided to make dinner at this point as our entertainment for the afternoon appeared to be over.  I was getting cold, so I wrapped myself up in our warmest afghan and continued to sit outside with our cat on my lap.  We watched and listened to the sounds of the neighbourhood which were the birds singing and dogs barking.  My cat's ear just swivelled as he relaxed on my lap.  At one point, I heard a noise to my right and slowly turned my head to see what it was.  There was a plump, healthy grey squirrel slowly meandering down the length of our yard.  I watched him get to the chainlink fence at the bottom of the yard.  He quickly scampered up and ran along the length to our neighbour's yard.  He then disappeared from view.

My husband made a wonderfully delicious dinner of double baked potatoes, BBQ-Honey Garlic Marinated Steak and caesar salad.  My daughter made the caesar salad.  I'm so glad my taste buds are back and my appetite is back.  Our dinner was great!

Both my husband and I are very tired tonight.  I haven't done very much and he has extended himself again and did all the errands and cooked supper.  Unfortunately, I spent too long on the patio as I'm now feeling a little chilled tonight.  It was worth being in the fresh air though.  So as I write this tonight, I'm wrapped up in my afghan and prayer shawl as well as wearing a warm hoodie.

The only drawback tonight is that I'm still taking my Nystatin for the thrush.  It seems to create less nausea if I take it after meals.  So, unfortunately, the taste of my dinner was short lived and was overpowered by the taste of the Nystatin.  At least I enjoyed my meal while I ate it though.

Tomorrow we will be having our delayed Easter Dinner.  I'm looking forward to that.  We delayed it to this weekend because last weekend I would not have enjoyed it.  It is supposed to rain all day tomorrow so I don't know what else we'll do but it will be enjoyable just because both children will be home and it will be a "family" day.

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