Saturday, 7 April 2012

Day 3 - 5th Chemo Cycle

It was another quiet day today.  I awoke with my stomach rolling and rumbling.  It ended up being as a result of my bowels.  The thrush is making its presence known.  I've tried to keep ahead of it by rinsing with the water/baking soda solution but around 12 noon I had to capitulate and use the Nystatin.  The thrush is only in my mouth and not down my throat yet.  So I've modified using the Nystatin by using it as a swish and spit rinse.  If it ends up feeling like it is in my throat, then I'll have to swish and swallow.  That's what caused me to be sick last cycle.

I was very tired today.  I've sat and watched television today.  I watched the worlds men's curling this afternoon and as well as the Blue Jays baseball game.  It was also the OHL (Ontario Hockey League) draft today so I kept checking the computer to see who was drafted.

My husband is trying to tempt my appetite with different foods so that I will want to eat.  Tonight he made some boiled carrots and then returned them to the pot and mixed them with butter, lemon juice and chopped parsley.  It was really good.  They are supposed to be good for combatting thrush too.

I will be watching the Toronto Maple Leafs tonight.  I was hoping to watch the Kitchener Rangers play in their second round of playoffs (in the Ontario Hockey League) on television tonight too, but I can't find the game on tv.  Oh well, the Leafs will get my full attention.  While I've watched tv, I have been knitting too.

I'm hoping that I will have the energy to sit on the patio tomorrow as it is supposed to be warm again.  Maybe we'll be able to make a brief trip to my favourite parking spot near Lake Ontario tomorrow afternoon.  It all depends on my energy levels and my stomach.

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  1. Hi Cathy........I know it is not the Easter you would like it to be, but this is only one in the many yet to come......I'm sure you will be back singing on Good Friday next year. Try to have a nice day