Monday, 30 April 2012

Day 5 - 6th Chemo Cycle

Today was my last day of taking my 100 mg of prednisone.  Thank goodness!!  I'm so tired from having sleepless nights due to the prednisone.  The oral thrush decided to take up residence again so I'm taking my Nystatin again.  This medication really makes me feel nauseous even though I take it after eating my meals.

I did go to the chiropractor this afternoon in order to keep on top of the constipation that wants to make itself known.  Just that errand was enough to knock me down.  I've been cold ever since I got home.  I'm wrapped up in 2 afghans, a hoodie and a warm touque which a friend crocheted for me.  My cat is also laying on my lap as he seems to know when I'm not feeling well.

A friend from church came by with supper tonight.  I couldn't even get the energy to meet her at the door.  My son was so helpful.  He answered the door, took the food, set the table and served us all.  Then he cleaned up everything too.  I know that I've said this before, but my family and friends in town are truly God's angels and are helping to keep me in their warm care.

I know that I only have about 5 or 6 more days of feeling poorly.  Then I'll be on the upswing for good.  This is what is getting me through the low that I'm currently in.

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  1. It's been such a rough ride. I follow your blog daily and I can see the roller coaster you've been on for the past few months. You've been so brave and strong, and I pray that all your days forward will be filled sunshine. You truly deserve it.