Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Lingering Chemo Side Effects

I had a wonderful long weekend but I'm very tired today.  Tiredness and lack of stamina seem to be lingering.  I've heard that it can last up to one or two years after treatment.  Today I was our family's taxi and it has wiped me out tonight.  Although I did get part of my vegetable garden planted this morning as well.

One of the other lingering side effects is lack of memory and vocabulary.  Yesterday morning, I was on our patio with my husband and I heard a bird singing.  I said to my husband "Do you hear the tomato singing?"  In my mind I was saying "Do you hear the cardinal singing?"  But as has been happening lately, a word comes out that is not even close to what I'm thinking.  This is very frustrating.   We blame it on chemo brain and it may be just exhaustion from treatment as the chemotherapy really didn't go into my brain.  In another example,  on Saturday evening we were talking about a partial eclipse that was going to take place.  I said "Where?"  but really thought and meant to say "What kind?" (lunar or solar).  Tonight, I tried to ask my husband to pass me my laptop but I couldn't think of the word "laptop".  It's very frustrating!  It seems to be worse when I'm tired.  I either have words pop out of my mouth that weren't meant to come out or I can't remember the correct word at all.

I'm very tired tonight and will probably go to bed early.  I'm even having trouble composing my thoughts for the blog tonight.  Time to take it easy, I guess.

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  1. well I don't think this is odd at all...and besides the cardinal and tomato have one thing in common....they are both red.
    Don't be too hard on yourself....it is going to take some time to return to full normal....whatever that is.....if that even exits in our daily lives as we know it...have a good rest