Monday, 25 June 2012

A Quiet Day?!

Today was supposed to be my quiet day of the week.  I was supposed to conserve my energy.  I didn't.  I cut the grass and trimmed the front yard with my hand clippers because our weed trimmer is still needing to be fixed.  I cut back some of the plants that have finished blooming.  I took my son to an appointment, dropped off the plant trimmings at the city composting site and then I came home and relaxed by dead heading some of the flowers in my front flowerbed.  This was a relaxing and enjoyable task for me.

Tonight, I went shopping at the local mall with my daughter and my husband.  While in the store, I started to feel weak and dizzy like I used to feel while in the midst of my chemotherapy treatments.  This is always a sure sign that I've done too much and that I'm too tired.  I will be going to bed early tonight.  I still have to learn to pace myself.  I know I shouldn't let myself get as tired as I was tonight.  I guess I'm feeling stronger and better because I'm not noticing that I'm getting overtired.

My hair is another sign that I'm slowly getting better.  I currently look like a "Chia" head.  The hair is starting to thicken up a little but it is still very fine and soft.  At least my head is not mouldy like a "Chia" head.  You can see where the pigment is affected by the chemotherapy.  It isn't white or gray like we thought it would be.  It looks more sandy or strawberry blond on the tips and as the hair grows it is becoming more of a darker red close to the roots.  I wear a hat while I'm outside only because I don't want my scalp to get sunburned.  On a rainy day, you'll see me outside without a hat.  I also don't wear a hat while I'm driving or indoors.

Tonight, I picked my daughter up from a friend's house just before we went to the mall.  Her friend's mother had heard through the grapevine just a couple of days ago that I had cancer.  When she saw me at the door, she was a little uncomfortable and stuttered out that she had heard I have cancer.  I gave her a brief summary of the last 8 months and reassured her that I'm on the mend.  She was obviously relieved to hear I'm in remission.

Tomorrow, I'll try to continue my post of a fulfilling and satisfying life which is based on a lecture I attended over 20 years ago.

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