Thursday, 2 May 2013

Waiting some more....

One thing I've learned in the last year is how to wait.  Wait for appointments that are weeks in the future.  Wait for results from those various appointments.  Wait for my energy to return.  Wait Work for changes to take place in my life.

To help me cope with all this waiting, I knit.  I read.  I keep busy.  Last week I had a CT scan done and I feel a little fearful as I wait for the results.  The symptoms are still there that prompted the CT scan to be done.  I'm continuing to try to reassure myself that these are residual symptoms from the virus I had in March.  I'm coping with my fears by knitting.  Over the weekend, I kept busy helping friends move from one house to another.  It was a full weekend as I also attended a wedding.  I'm also keeping busy trying to find ways to motivate my team members to raise funds for the Relay For Life.  I'm also working on raising funds myself.  The funds came in much easier last year than they are this year.  I'm assuming this is because I am one year removed from treatment.  I also look healthy this year.

This week has been busy teaching and planning for my students' year-end recital. I've inputted the information for the order of the program.  I always include short biographies of the composers as program notes in an effort to provide the audience with an opportunity to learn about the various composers whose music is being played at the recital.  These administrative activities have helped keep me distracted as I wait for results from the test.  I need to also start baking as I have always provided juice/water and baked goods at the end of the recital as a little party for the parents and students to mingle before they go off for their summer break.

I'm glad the weather has warmed up because now I can work in my yard which helps keep me distracted but allows me to enjoy the miraculous beauty of nature.  The birds have returned and are singing up a chorus of beautiful music.  We have a rabbit that is visiting the yard this Spring.  I'm not sure how I feel about this because I have found him/her munching on some of the green sprouts and shoots that are working their way up out of the ground.  The physical labour of spreading my compost and pulling weeds is good for my soul.  The next step will be to till the soil and get my vegetable garden ready for planting.

So I keep busy with my teaching and the above activities in an effort to endure the passage of time until I have the results from the CT Scan.

Again, if you wish to support me in the Relay For Life, I'm including the link at the end of this post.  I "relay" in the effort and hope that we can eradicate (or at least increase the odds of cure/survival) so that other families are not decimated and impacted by this horrible, horrible disease.  I've survived but I have lost 3 friends to it this past year.  Please help with a small donation.  Every little bit helps. 

Thank you.


  1. I'm so sorry that you have to wait like this. I understand that it must be frustrating. Thank goodness the weather is so much nicer and you can spend time outdoor with all the beautiful things Mother Nature has to offer. I hope you get your results soon, so you can rest your mind. Hang in there.

  2. Thank you so much, Martha. You have been (and continue to be) a good friend. We need to go for a walk together when we're not pushed to be in the garden :)