Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Beautiful Springtime

The last number of days are the reason that Spring is my favourite season of the year.  In the last week, the trees have bloomed into leafy plants.  I can see the blossoms swelling on my pear trees.  My rhubarb is up and ready to be picked.  I've been enjoying asparagus from my garden as well.  The world is bursting with the various shades of fresh green growth.  Living in the city, the winter snow is often brown with sand and salt.  The grass is brown and the trees are brown as they are all dormant through our winter months.  Once Spring arrives, I love to watch nature awaken as if from a deep sleep.  The squirrels have returned to my yard.  The birdsongs are waking me up at 4:30 or 5:00 a.m.  This year we have a rabbit which tentatively hops into our yard in the early mornings in search of food or just in an effort to explore.  I'm not sure how I feel about the rabbit.  He/she is very cute with the little white cotton tail.  I love to watch it as it hops along and then stands on its hind legs to look around.  It reminds me of a periscope breaking through the water's surface to take a peek around.  After looking around, the rabbit drops down onto its four legs again and sits and sniffs.  I can see the nose wiggling as it tests the air for scents that may indicate food or danger.  Despite enjoying watching the rabbit, I am afraid it may raid my vegetable garden once I get it planted.

I'm getting in the habit of waking in the morning, getting the coffee going, grabbing a cup and the newspaper and enjoying 45 minutes on my patio in the sun.  What a glorious way to start my day.  This time of year tends to get very busy for me and this quiet time helps keep me centred and calm. 

I'm at the time of year where students are getting ready to perform at the year-end recital.  I also am preparing students for their practical exams in June.  Just organizing the recital requires a lot of work.  Of course, this is all my choice.  I put together a program/booklet for the audience.  It includes the order of performances but also biographical notes on each composer that is performed in the recital.  I also provide refreshments for after the recital so that it becomes a send-off party for the students as they end lessons and go on to their summer activities.  So I have a time of baking as I prepare baked goods for approximately 80 people.

I will also be baking to supply baked goods for the bake sale/garage sale that I'm organizing for my Relay For Life team "Cathy Conquers Cancer".  This will take place on the Victoria Day weekend.  So this year, I'm also pulling together items to put in the garage sale as well.

Amongst all this, I will be planting my vegetable garden, picking my rhubarb and freezing some of it as well as using it in my baking.  My husband suggests that I also sell some of it like I did last year to raise money for "Cathy Conquers Cancer".  We also have Mother's Day, my best friend's birthday and my birthday to celebrate in the midst of all this in the next couple of weeks.

I'm not complaining because I'm happy that I'm feeling well enough to tackle all these activities.  However, my days are very full and I am falling into bed much earlier because the body is tired.  So if there is a period of time where I haven't posted, it is because I've been too busy enjoying life to spend time on the computer.  Happy Spring to everyone!!

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  1. This is my favourite time of year, too. Isn't it amazing how quickly everything began to blossom as soon as the weather improved? So many beautiful awakenings. I've had a wonderful gardening week, so far, and I welcome the much-needed rain we are getting this afternoon. Together with the warm weather, it will encourage the plants to grow faster, lusher. It is exciting, and I can't wait to add some annuals and some vegetables, too. And to tour the garden centers. I still have a lot of flower beds to fill and organize. Our baby cherry tree, which we planted last year, is doing wonderfully, despite having struggled through the horrible heat and drought of last year. I feared it wouldn't make it, but it did, and it's thriving. Life is good, and I am happy that you are healthy and able to enjoy the wonders of this world.