Thursday, 15 March 2012

Day 1 - 4th Chemo Cycle

I went in this morning for my 4th chemo treatment.  All went well although I did get a headache from one of the chemicals.  The extra-strength tylenol is working at keeping it at bay.

My appetite isn't affected too much yet.  My taste buds were starting to change by dinner tonight.  I tried to eat some soup and it tasted like cough syrup.  The coleslaw was good so I ate that to get rid of the cough syrup taste.  I'm drinking lots of water to flush the chemo through me and out.

I'm very tired today.  I had multiple night sweats last night and when I wasn't sweating and soaking the bedding, I was kept awake by the thunder storms that swept through overnight.  So as the chemo was pumped into me, I dozed and rested.  I also spent my time reading my novel that I'm currently on.  I did have a nap this afternoon.  I've felt cold most of today even though everyone says it is warm.

Last night and today, I've received many encouraging emails from family and friends.  These help lift my spirits and carry me through the "dark days" of treatment.  The instant messages through the use of technology is great to read in the moments while I'm struggling.  Having said that, I still enjoy opening the mailbox and seeing cards or letters in the daily mail.  During the last few months, I've wondered if our mailman recognizes the increase in cards being delivered.  I wonder if he ever wonders why.  Just a thought to ponder.

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