Monday, 26 March 2012

Day 12 - 4th Chemo Cycle

I'm definitely in the good portion of this cycle now.  After my full day yesterday, I wasn't sure how I would feel today.  My stamina even during my good times has been much weaker since I started chemotherapy in January.  So there were no plans made for today except for one phone call to a friend in PEI that I was supposed to make at 1 p.m.  I ended up just relaxing and resting today by watching television.  The little fear that maybe some nausea might return because I might have been overtired from yesterday was unfounded.

I didn't sleep all that well last night as we had some strong winds and something kept bumping the side of the house just by our bedroom.  That noise combined with intense night sweats had me waking up throughout the night.  So today I was tired as a result of my sleepless night and my travelling yesterday.

In fact, my brain didn't even remember that I was supposed to call my friend in PEI until 7 hours after the time she had been expecting my call.  So I called her tonight and have had a wonderful "walk" and chat with lots of laughter.  I also had another telephone visit with a friend tonight who I haven't talked with in several weeks.  I always feel better after my visits with friends and family.
I have been fighting some constipation the last few days, so last night I took my lactulose.  It worked I'm feeling better again tonight.  If it hadn't worked, I was going to go  to the chiropractor today.  So I'm back to eating normal portions and that should help my body function normally.

Maybe if tomorrow is another sunny day, I'll be up to pruning a few grape vines.  It all depends on how I feel.

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