Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Day 13 - 4th Chemo Cycle

Today was a really nice day.  I had a lovely phone visit with a dear friend and hopefully I'll be seeing her soon.  We had to end our visit as another phone call was coming in.  After that phone call, another phone call came in immediately and I had a very nice visit over tea with a warm, wonderful lady from my church.  On behalf of another wonderful and caring lady from church, she was delivering some lemon loaf for me and my family.  Like I said, we visited over tea and we did have some of the fresh lemon loaf.  What a nice complement to our visit.  When our visit ended, it was time for lunch already.  Where did my morning go?!!

Oh well, since I was diagnosed with my lymphoma in December, I have learned to just go with the flow and be flexible in what I plan to do based on energy levels.  I'm hoping that my new found flexibility will stay with me as it really diminishes the stress I used to feel.  So as I mentioned in my blog yesterday, I had hoped to prune some grape vines today.  I found I was too tired this afternoon so I went for a short nap.  The grape vines will always be there.  They aren't going to run away.

I do find my energy levels are limited. Today was the first time since November where I have been responsible for being the family taxi and making supper at the same time.  I had to pick my son up from his high school baseball practice but at the same time have supper ready for him to eat immediately so he could get out the door to his rep baseball practice.  This means being organized, efficient and alert.  So this morning, I had pulled out some chicken breasts so they were thawed in time.  After I woke up from my nap, I started to make supper so it could cook while I picked my son up from the school.  I felt very satisfied that I could be a proper mother to my children and have a nutritious supper on the table in time for my son to leave for his next activity.  It is also easier now that he can drive because he could just up and leave and I didn't have to drive him.  We had chicken parmesan with sides of corn and noodles with left over marinara sauce and meatballs.  Thank you again for our friend that dropped off the spaghetti and meatballs/sauce on Sunday.  It provided us with 2 meals.  The only frustrating part is how quickly I tire.  By the time I cleaned up from supper, I was tired again.

Needless to say it will be an early night again for me.  I am continuing to learn to listen to my body and act according to what it dictates.  My voice still goes hoarse when it's tired and if I overuse it, it gets sore.  Laughing is hard on my voice but I refuse to stop laughing.  Humour is a great way to relieve stress but also to handle challenging situations.  So I'll continue to laugh.  Life is too short! 

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