Friday, 30 March 2012

Day 16 - 4th Chemo Cycle

I've had a good day today but I'm getting tired of being in the house.  I can't really complain though because I've had visitors drop by throughout the week and it helps to break the boredom.  I'm still tired in the mornings and really don't have energy to "do" stuff until the afternoon.

This morning I spent my morning watching "Hereafter" with Matt Damon.  I wanted to watch it in the theatre when it came out in 2010 but somehow didn't get around to it.  I enjoyed the movie this morning while I knitted at the same time.

This afternoon I had energy and it was sunny outside so I went out and pruned my grape vines for 45 minutes until I got tired.  It felt good to be outside and in the fresh air.  When I came indoors, I was still restless but tired so I played some of my favourite Easter melodies on the piano.  How I wish I could have sung them too, but I behaved and just played them on the piano.  It was great fun and it has been many, many years since I've played some of these songs.  By the end of it all, I felt peaceful and calm within.  The restlessness was gone.

It was a nice treat to have a glass of red wine with my supper tonight.  After supper, my husband and I went for a walk around the block.  We decided to come home when it started to snow on us.  I was pleased that I had my touque on my head.  It kept me nice and warm.

I've been looking forward to tomorrow all week long.  My aunt and uncle along with my cousin and her fiance are coming for a visit! We always have a great time when we get together and I'm looking forward to some great laughs.  I haven't seen them since November.  So in anticipation, I'll probably go to bed early tonight so that I have lots of energy for tomorrow.  Too bad it isn't going to be as warm outside as it was a couple of weeks ago.  I had hoped we could all visit on the patio.  Oh well, we'll still have a great visit indoors.

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