Sunday, 11 March 2012

Day 18 - 3rd Chemo Cycle

I had a good day today although I have been tired all day.  I had wanted to get to church and to watch my son compete in his curling playoffs.  I didn't get to do either but I did go for a slow walk with my husband.

In the past, I was always the one who was striding quickly while I walk and Scott was the one struggling to keep up.  Currently, I don't have the energy or strength to walk quickly but it was nice to get out and walk.  I just take twice as long as I used to.  Scott was the one that had to slow his gait for me this time.

It is so nice to be in this part of the cycle where my appetite is back and in the new scheme of things, I feel well.

After our walk, we watched the Brier Bronze medal game.  I continued knitting the first sock of the next pair of socks.  Thank goodness for the yarn I have as well as all the books that are waiting for me to read.  I don't feel like I'm going to be bored any time soon.  I even managed to play the piano today for a little longer.  Again, my stamina has been interrupting my ability to play the piano for more than 20 minutes.  At least I can still play piano!  Tonight I'm going to watch the Championship Game of the Brier and, you guessed it, continue my knitting.

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  1. Hi Cathy.....just finished watching the Brier and I booked my tickets for next years Scotties...glad to read you still play the piano some...better than not at all. Don't get too hung up on what is down the and and enjoy the moment and the day.