Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Day 6 - 4th Chemo Cycle

As this cycle was advancing, I was dreading today.  Typically the day after I stop the prednisone (which is today), I am dragged out, feel miserable and feel like I'm spiralling downwards emotionally.  Today I was very tired and took it easy.  I'm finding that if I walk around too much, I get dizzy.  I slept, rested, read a book, knitted and spent some time sitting outside.  At one point this afternoon while I was on the patio, I just laid back and closed my eyes.  I let the sounds of the birds chirping and chattering soothe me.  At another point this afternoon, I was restless as I get when I'm bored.  I took this to be a good sign.  It means that things are looking up and getting better as far as this cycle goes.

I've been struggling to eat and drink in the last 2 days.  Today I tried steeping fresh ginger in hot water and drinking the "tea".  It seemed to work.  I'll have to keep this up and maybe I'll be able to handle my green ginger tea in the next couple of days.  I managed to eat half a sandwich at lunch and a little bit of pasta tonight at supper.  It filled me up and I passed on the dessert.  Anyone who knows me would be shocked that I passed up the dessert.

It looks like I'll be having family come to visit from out of town next week. This will be wonderful to see them and gives me something to look forward to. It gave me something useful to do today to look up hotels and motels. It felt good.

When I first took the Nystatin for thrush, I thought "It tastes pretty good!".  It does taste good, but it upsets my stomach and digestive system.  I have to continue this until Monday.  That seems like a long time so I'll just take it one day at a time.  I've managed to handle this whole journey by focusing on one day at a time.  If I look too far beyond, I get overwhelmed and concerned.  At this point, I have passed more days than I have left to go before the treatment ends.  Whoo Hooo!!!

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