Friday, 2 March 2012

Day 9 - 3rd Chemo Cycle - "Encouragement"

This last week has been long and tiring.  Yesterday and again this morning I was beginning to question the usefulness of this blog.  It is useful for me to face my circumstances each day as well as what I feel and react to these circumstances.  I was questionning the need to post every day.  I was starting to think about the people who read the blog and if the posts were starting to become repetitious drivel.  I didn't share any of these thoughts with anyone.

This morning, I had a phone conversation with my minister.  I did not share my thoughts of the blog with her.  In the course of conversation, she relayed that the blog is continuing to be a blessing and encouragement to others.  What a Godcidence!!  Here I am having an ongoing debate with myself and God steps in and provides an answer.  This made me feel encouraged and even helped me feel a little better physically.

Speaking of physically, today I was still very tired but not as weak.  My stomach is still tender but I think I'm on the upswing.  I decided to lay down for a rest this afternoon and read a book.  Three hours later I awoke just before my children came home from school.  I saw them walking up the street from the bus stop and I noticed my daughter was carrying something.  I was curious but decided not to ask her about what she was carrying.

After taking off her boots, she came into the living room and handed me a gift bag.  She said "A girl in my drama class gave this to me to give to you.  It's from her mother."  I asked who the girl was and I didn't know the name.  I opened up the bag and there was a book of daily readings.  This generous and wonderful lady enclosed a note stating she accidentally came across my blog and has been reading it every day.  She sent me this book of encouraging and inspirational readings as a thank you for sharing my journey with her!!  I'm so touched that I can not find enough words to eloquently express the depth of feeling.  I really feel like God has stepped up and shown me confirmation and encouragement to continue the blog.  This Godcidence is truly God speaking to me as my needs have been met without me even voicing them.

As my daughter was the messenger of the gift, she sat in the living room with me for a little while and we really communicated.  It was like the warm sun shining out from behind the dark, purple clouds.  I was so happy that we were able to talk to each other about our day without any tension at all.  It's been too long.

We had dinner delivered again tonight.  We had hamburger soup with crusty bread.  My daughter normally doesn't like the soup I make.  Tonight she tasted the soup and really enjoyed it.  She wants me to get the recipe.  She enjoyed the soup so much that she finished her meal before the rest of us.  I can't thank my friends from church enough for all their prayers and support (meals, chats, baked goods, and cards).  Our family is truly being blessed.

Tonight I am encouraged and feeling like I'm coming out of the dark and into the light of the rest of this third cycle.  Although I still tire very easily today, I think that tomorrow and the following days will be better.

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful day, Cathy. I'm so happy for you. Yes, God does step in once in awhile to let us know that he's watching out for us.