Wednesday, 13 June 2012

A Mother/Daughter Date

While I was undergoing my chemotherapy, my daughter wanted to go out with me for some poutine.  I was not up to eating poutine at that time so I promised her that when I was finished my chemo and feeling better, we would have a mother/daughter night and go out for some poutine.  So tonight was our planned "date".

But first, I'll regale you about my day.  I woke up early this morning nice and refreshed.  I had truly put behind me the negativity of yesterday morning.  The sun was shining brightly and you could see the dampness and freshness of yesterday's rain on the lawns, trees and gardens.  I decided to work on my hedge.  I really do like working on it although it takes a long time to trim.  As I tirm, I listen to the birds and take pleasure in the neatness of the hedge that has been finished.  What makes my hedge saga prolonged is the weakness of my muscles and my stamina.  After I work on the hedge, my hands are very weak and achy.  Today I was able to work for about 45 minutes before I felt tired and hot.  This seemed to be less than what I was able to do last week.  Oh well, I just paced myself today.  I didn't want to overdo it as I had a long awaited evening with my daughter to look forward to.

While I work outdoors, I do still have to wear a hat for two reasons.  I need to make sure that I don't get my face sunburned but I also have to worry about my scalp being sunburned.  I don't have enough hair on my head yet to protect my scalp.  Speaking of my hair, I talked to a breast cancer survivor at the Survivors' Reception at the Relay For Life and she told me that I should shave my head.  Apparently the first growth of hair is still affected by the chemotherapy and is lacking its pigment.  In order to promote the growth of the permanent colour, the first growth of hair should be shaved off.  My husband was talking with another breast cancer survivor last night and she also mentioned that my hair should be shaved off in order to stimulate the new pigment and growth.  I'm not sure about this and I do have an appointment with my oncologist next week.  I'll ask him about it.  My hair is not growing in white but is a reddish bronze colour on the top but strawberry blond on the sides.  The top looks like it is going to be curly and the sides look straight.  I'm still waiting to see how thick it will be.  I don't really want to shave my head and be hairless again.  I'm hoping that my hair is growing in with pigment already in it.  If my oncologist thinks that it is lacking pigment, then I'll go get it shaved.

When my daughter arrived home from school today, she indicated that she had lots of homework.  We agreed to go for our dinner of poutine later in the evening so she could finish her homework.  We ended up going before she was done as she was needing a break.  We had an unhealthy supper of poutine and chocolate milkshakes.  Afterwards, we walked through the mall and did a little bit of shopping.  We had a good time together and it was wonderful!  Unfortunately, we needed to get home so she could finish her homework and I had some mending to do which I had put off as long as I could.  It needed to get done tonight.

Today was a good day and although I'm tired, I feel very satisfied.

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