Sunday, 24 June 2012

Two (too?) Busy Days

Yesterday, I had lots of energy and felt great when I woke up.  I spent the morning grocery shopping with my husband and planned to go to my son's double header baseball games in the afternoon.  The grocery shopping tired me out and I wanted to conserve my energy for going out for dinner with friends.  So I had a nap, saw the second baseball game and then enjoyed a lovely evening out with friends.  We shared so many laughs.  I was tired though when I got home.

This morning I woke up exhausted.  I guess I expended more energy than I thought yesterday.  My son had another double header this afternoon but I didn't think I'd have the energy to go to the games.  I took it easy and about 10:30 this morning I regained my energy.  I ended up doing 2 loads of laundry, doing some house cleaning and going to both baseball games this afternoon.  I had an opportunity to go and watch my husband play a double header tonight but I'm too tired.  In addition, it is raining and cool.  In the past, I would have still gone to the games because I do enjoy watching my husband and son play ball together.  I'm still in the process of learning to recognize when I need to say no to an activity and then not feel guilty for missing it.

I'm a little concerned about my stamina.  I know that it's getting better but I have a very busy upcoming week.  This will be a test this week.  I know that I can handle one really full day which means appointments or activities in the morning, afternoon and evening.  I normally am very tired the next day.  This weekend was the first time that I've had two consecutive very busy days.  I know that tomorrow will be a fairly quiet day but Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday will be busy with appointments and activities throughout the days and evenings. I have just caught myself fretting about something that may or may not happen!  I need to keep reminding myself that if I can't change the circumstances, then it doesn't help it to worry.  Worry only drains my energy and emotional self.  Worry leads to a feeling of being stressed which then affects my health.  I used to be able handle being "run off my feet" and still get the family organized and packed for travelling.  This is going to be my challenge this week.

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