Monday, 9 January 2012

Coping with the Diagnosis

I've just handed off the last of my students.  My professional responsibilities are wrapped up for the next 6 months.

Coping mechanisms for dealing with the stress of waiting and diagnosis is a very individual thing.  For me I love to keep busy...this is a challenge as I'm very fatigued a lot of the time and I have breathlessness which is another symptom.  So I've kept busy by knitting.  I'm knitting socks which can be worn  like slippers.  I have made socks for family and friends.  I'm starting to stockpile socks as I don't know who else wants them.  So to make myself feel productive, I'll be donating them to a homeless shelter called "In From The Cold".  Who says we can't make a difference when we're challenged!!

Last week, I googled "In From The Cold" to find out if they would accept warm knitted socks as a donation....maybe a bit of an odd donation.  Anyway, I wanted to find out where my husband could drop them off (sizes small, medium and large).  Wouldn't you know it...I found the website and the program manager ends up being a friend!!!  What a Godcidence (instead of coincidence).

Another way I'm keeping busy and distracted while waiting is catching up with friends and family on facebook and through email.  I've also been talking on the phone quite a bit although this is a challenge as my throat aches and the voice is hoarse.  I'm also reading and have loaded up on books for this journey.  I'm currently reading "The Help" which was recently shown in the movie theatres.   I had wanted to see the movie but didn't get around to it.  If anyone has good books to suggest, please drop a comment by for me.  I also like doing sudoku puzzles, so I purchased a large collection which will see me through the next while.

Some new symptoms have started to show up such as indigestion and a feeling of fullness.  Today I also felt a lymph node around my stomach area as I was getting dressed.  This was never felt before...not even last week by the doctor.  I'm not panicking as the chemo will reduce and undo these new advancements of the disease.  I'm quite tired today and my neck has more of a pressure feeling in it which seems to have moved up higher in the neck in the last couple of weeks.

I love the outdoors and do like to go for walks.  My husband took me to the shore of Lake Ontario on January 2 as I was feeling cooped up.  That is where my profile picture was taken. To help cope with being indoors, I listen to the nature channel on our digital cable while I knit.  It helps as I look out the window while knitting.  A friend suggested today that I have bird feeders out front in view of the window so I can see the squirrels and birds throughout the next while.  I think this might be a great idea to follow up on.

I am so thankful that my husband nagged me.  I sometimes don't listen too well to him but I made the appointment back in November just to get him off my back.   Thank you Scott!!!!

I'll sign off for today.  Tomorrow I may talk about how my 2 teenagers are handling it (from my perspective).  Thank you for everyone's good wishes, prayers and positive thoughts.  I truly do believe that prayer works.  As one friend has said already a number of times..."This too shall pass".  Thanks Shelly.

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  1. Cathy, I love your use of 'Godcidence' - that is a beautiful word!! Thank you for sharing it. Take care, thinking of you. x