Friday, 27 January 2012

Day 15 - First Chemo Cycle

Well I'm apparently supposed to be on the upswing now as far as my blood cell counts.  I was restless today.  I'm getting a little bored.  I'm still knitting socks for "In From The Cold" and I am reading and I am doing my sudoku puzzles.  I'm watching a lot of tv but I really have only 2 maybe 3 shows that I like to watch.  I haven't even seen many good movies on the tv guide.

I want to clean my kitchen so it sparkles and I want to clean my bathroom so it is squeaky clean.  But I've been told that I really shouldn't be doing these things because of the germs and the possibility of getting an infection.  It's a little frustrating to have energy and want to help out around the house in this way so that Scott doesn't have to try to cram it into his weekend.  I've also been told to expect that I won't have this energy in subsequent cycles.  So tonight I've managed to do 2 loads of laundry and I'm continuing to knit.

My hair is falling out although I still look the same because I have such thick hair.  It feels like I've been to the hairdresser and had her thin my hair.  Lindsay has realized that she needs to sweep (her chore) the bathroom daily in order to keep ahead of the red hair that's on the floor.  My scalp is a little tender and I'm assuming this is part of the side effect.

I'm feeling a little bit like an old lady who sits and knits and looks out the window as the world passes by.  Oh well...we'll see what the weekend brings.  Now I'll go back to knitting and watching, on tv, the Kingston Frontenacs host the Oshawa Generals.

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