Wednesday, 11 January 2012

On Your Mark....

Today I saw my oncologist again.  Good News!!!!!  The bone marrow biopsy is clear!  The bone itself is clear!  Now we can almost get started on treatment.  Some more good news was that the lymph node in my chest is fine.  After re-reading the CT scan, my doctor recognized that the throat and chest CT scan were combined and what he thought he saw in my chest was the lymph node in my neck.  There are still the enlarged lymph nodes in my abdomen but not an enlarged lymph node in my chest.  Regardless, the treatment is the same and I will start my chemo on Friday morning.  I have to take a prescription to block the dying cells from entering my liver and causing gout.  I start those pills tomorrow (Thursday) and will continue them for 7 days.  I feel like another bit of weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

I woke up feeling well this morning. Well, maybe a little tired as I had trouble sleeping last night because I was thinking the "what ifs".  Anyway, I managed to make some soup for us to have at supper tonight (before I went to my doctor's appointment).  Scott and I had a nice brisk walk to the appointment and it was really nice to get some fresh air.  This seems to be when we discuss the disease and the possible outcomes.  Our conversation today started to explore the possibility of what if there is the need for a funeral home and services.  The conversation then went on to which cemetary would we use.  At that point, I said I didn't really believe that we will need to go this far in preparation.  Basically I said "I'm sorry, but that is one decision you will have to make at the time".  I'm not ready to go down that road and I truly believe we don't need to make that decision at this time.

I am tired now as we did go to the mall and the pharmacy to get my new prescription filled.  I do find that my neck lets me know when I've done too much.  I get a pressure, not necessarily a pain, in the area of the large lymph node and it affects the muscles in my neck.  The doctor mentioned today that this is happening because the lymph node is growing and there is a lack of space for it to fill.  I should notice a difference in its size by the time we are finished the second cycle of chemo.

I ran into a few friends from church at the cancer clinic this afternoon and it was comforting to see familiar faces.  I was also sad to hear some of they're updates.  I almost made me feel guilty for feeling so good about my own prognosis.

I came home to find several cards in the mailbox with uplifting thoughts, prayers and again offers of help.  I truly do feel like God is carrying me thus far.  I believe God is surrounding me with the positive outpouring of thoughts and prayers from not only family, friends and acquaintances but even from people that I have never met.  It is overwhelming the number of business colleagues that are supporting Scott.  Tomorrow will be "Get Set" as we prepare for Friday.

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  1. I am so happy to hear that your biopsy was clear!! Yay! You are always in my prayers.