Friday, 20 January 2012

One Week Ago Today - First Cycle

It was one week ago today that the chemo was pumped into my veins.  I didn't sleep as well last night and woke again with night sweats which I haven't felt in the last week.  The night sweats were one of the identifying symptoms in diagnosing my lymphoma.

I slept in today until 9:30 and woke up not very hungry.  I ate a small breakfast and had my green ginger tea.  By 10:30 I was feeling good.  Today has been a great day.  It was sunny outside but cold.  I feel good enough that I wanted to go for a walk today.  Unfortunately, I'm starting the second week of the cycle where my immune system will be much more compromised.  So I should be hanging around home more.  Great (sarcastically)....I've spent this last week not feeling so good and therefore not wanting to go out.  Today I want to go out and I can't or else I will compromise my immune system more.  I even considered shovelling the driveway (one of my outdoor activities that I actually like to do).  So, instead, I visited with a really good friend from afar by phone.  I think the phone is going to be my link when I shouldn't be going out.

My appetite really improved today as the day went on.  I'm looking forward to eating the leftover lasagna from last night.  I will keep myself to one piece though as I think the second piece is what woke me up during the night.  But, boy, it was really good!!  I'm motivated to cook today and experiment in cooking.

There really wasn't a down side today which is why it was such a great day.  The sun even shone all day.  I'm so pleased that my kids and husband are able to enjoy a normal day and evening with friends today.  It helps me feel good when I see them be able to carry on in a normal fashion.  Cheers and let's hope there are more of these kinds of days.  I've had 2 great days so far.

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