Saturday, 11 February 2012

Day 10 - 2nd Chemo Cycle

This was another day of feeling slightly better, thank goodness.  I had more energy again and was able to do 2 loads of laundry while my husband took my daughter to her piano recital performance.  I so wanted to go and hear her play "Fur Elise" by Beethoven.  I was considering it but the recital was being held at the public library in a small crowded room with recycled air.  I'm so afraid of catching a bug.  I was very disappointed that I had to miss out.  She's getting ready to perform at the Kiwanis Music Festival and I'm hoping that I'll be able to catch one of her performances.

My appetite is definitely back but my digestive system is still out of whack.  Let's hope it resolves itself in the next few days.  The temperature outside has dropped significantly today which is too bad.  I was hoping to go for a walk today but it was too cold.  I couldn't even stay warm inside today.  I was wearing a turtle neck sweater as well as a cardigan and then added my touque.  I think I was losing my body heat through my head which has very little hair.  Maybe I'll be able to handle a walk tomorrow.

The hair had stopped falling out but I noticed today that it is starting to fall out again.  I suspect that by Feb. 20-23 I won't have any hair on my head at all.  Anyway, for today all is well for the most part.  I must say that I am feeling some tedium so it is time to get out.  If I can't go walking tomorrow, perhaps I'll pick up some things for Valentine's Day.  Life is good.

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