Friday, 24 February 2012

Day 2 - 3rd Chemo Cycle

With the help of the Ondansetron (anti-nausea medication), I'm not feeling very ill today.  I am tired and did have a nap this afternoon.  I find that if I get enough sleep then I don't feel as ill.  I've only needed to supplement the Ondansetron once since I've been home.  This is good.  My appetite has already decreased and I'm having to force myself to eat regularly.  I've been drinking lots of water today as it helps to flush my body of the R-CHOP that was injected into me yesterday.  If you wonder what R-CHOP is refer to my posts from the first chemotherapy treatment where the acronym is explained.

I didn't sleep very well last night.  My body was tired, but my mind was zipping from one thought to another in a rather manic way.  This is a side effect of the prednisone which I'm on until Monday.  The chemo is already starting to bind me up even though I've been on stool softeners and Senokot (a natural laxative) since the night before my chemo treatment.  I'm praying I can get through this until Monday when I'll see my chiropractor in an effort to keep my body balanced and regular.

I am so thankful to God and my friends because the prayers and positive thoughts are being answered so far this time around.  I definitely have handled today better than I did in the second cycle of chemo three weeks ago.

I'll have some turkey soup with chickpeas (to give me fibre) for supper and I'll continue to take it easy tonight.  Overall, today was a good day compared to how it could have been.


  1. Glad things are going better each round.
    Happy that you are on the home stretch.
    Looking forward to our visit soon

  2. Glad to hear you are doing so well yesterday. I hope you can stay regular!