Friday, 3 February 2012

Day 2 - Second Chemo Cycle

I've been feeling fine except for being quite tired today.  I haven't done much but watch TV and knit.  I have managed to eat some small meals today and everything has felt long as I keep taking the anti-nausea meds.  The good news with those is that I haven't needed to supplement with the additional anti-nausea meds at all today.  That's a change from the first cycle.

My hair is continuing to fall out.  I still have some on my head but it is about the amount that you see on shrunken heads on television.  Thank goodness my head hasn't shrunk though :).  I expect that one more wash of my hair and the rest will fall out and down the drain.... or rather plug the drain.  I understand why some ladies choose to shave their heads.  It is annoying to find hair all over the pillows, the couch, the bathroom and any other place that I've walked in the house.

I felt good enough tonight to run to loads of laundry.  That will be enough for today though as I don't want to tire myself out too much because it leads to a "bad" day the next day.

It really makes me feel good to see Scott leave and do things with the kids.  Today he went grocery shopping with Lindsay and took her out for lunch.  Tonight he went to Napanee with Robbie who is trying out to be an alternate for the Ontario Junior Curling Championships in Napanee this week.   Apparently he caught at least one coach's eye, as he was approached to give his name and particulars.  After getting home, Scott then took the kids downtown Kingston to get some beaver tails from the hut that's been brought in for FebFest.

You know my tummy just isn't quite right when I decline the offer of a beaver tail being brought home for me.  Even my cat is recognizing things are quite right with me at the moment.  He's been hanging around on my lap for most of the day except when he's hungry then he goes and whines to someone else.  Normally he would just turn around on my lap and meow at me with big eyes.

Today as I really didn't "do" anything, I was thinking that it is nice not to have to be "running" and busy all the time.  Maybe I'm actually learning to change through adversity!  I never thought it possible.

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