Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Day 20 - First Chemo Cycle

I had a much better day today.  My hair is very, very thin now with some balding spots.  It was a beautiful day today so Scott and I parked about a 15 minute walk from the Cancer Clinic. As we walked, I joked that the wind might just blow the rest of my hair off my head and we'd see a tumbleweed of hair blowing down the street.  We had a good chuckle.  I've always had really thick hair and I couldn't believe how quickly my hair dried today after washing it.

Like I said, I had a doctor's appointment today.  The lymph node in my neck has shrunk again so this was really good news.  My blood counts are also good.  I'll be having my second round of chemo tomorrow morning.  I'm glad that my friends have been praying for me as it has helped to pull me out of the doldrums that I experienced the last couple of days.  I think that losing my hair was affecting more than I expected.  It was also bothering me that I couldn't knit as quickly and that my fingers were a little clumsy due to some numbness in the finger tips.  Anyway, I seem to be accepting things a little better today.

So on we go with the start of the second chemo cycle tomorrow.


  1. Great news about the lymph node shrinking, good luck tomorrow Cathy, we will be thinking of you. At least you start tomorrow knowing what to expect. Ready for round 2

  2. Good luck today, Cathy. I hope everything goes well.