Saturday, 5 May 2012

Day 10 - 6th Chemo Cycle

This has been an excellent Spring day!  I woke up early.  I washed two loads of laundry and hung them outside on the line.  I enjoyed the sunshine on the patio as I hung up the laundry, so when I was done I pulled up a chair and watched the activity at the bird feeder.  I saw two mourning doves, three worm-eating warblers (yes, that is the real name of the bird), a black squirrel, a calico-coloured squirrel (black with tan patches), a red-winged blackbird, a blue jay, some sparrows, a robin and a red admiral butterfly.  I wanted to stay outside longer but it was early morning and the wind was cool.  I didn't want to get chilled so I went inside to read the morning newspaper.

After reading the paper, I made myself some breakfast and needed to rest again.  Once I felt more energized again, I transplanted a pot of dwarf daffodils that a friend had given to me a couple of weeks ago.  Then I had a brief visit with my next door neighbour.  Now I was weary again but it was so nice outside that I sat on the patio and watched the birds.

This afternoon, I was so happy to go to my son's baseball game and watch his team play.  I normally sit on the bleachers but I have discovered that I don't have the stamina for that.  I guess my core muscles have deteriorated in the last number of months.  So I made the long, slow walk to the van and watched the game from just behind the left field fence.

For me, this has been a busy day but it was so much fun!  I'm tired and most likely will go to bed early.  I was hoping to watch "The Bucket List" tonight but it will have to wait for another time as I don't think I would make it all the way through.

Today I had my first experience of seeing people I know who didn't know I've been sick.  It was a little overwhelming to be made such a fuss over.  I realize that these are people who I know through baseball and so they wouldn't have seen me since last Fall.  They were shocked because I showed up walking slowly, having no hair although I was wearing a ball cap, and looking a little pale or tired.  Despite all this, it was absolutely wonderful to say  "I'm getting better each day."  I don't have to worry about gearing up for the next chemo session.  I'm truly just going to get stronger and better each and every day!

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