Sunday, 13 May 2012

Day 18 - 6th Chemo Cycle - Mother's Day

What an extra special Mother's Day this has been.  I was  around to enjoy it!!!  My whole family made my day today.  I talked with my own mom briefly this morning via the telephone.  My daughter made me a beautiful card from both her and my son.  My son touched me deeply when he publicly mentioned that I have been an inspiration to him throughout the last 6 months.

I felt good this morning and so I made the trip out of town again today to watch our son play baseball this morning.  We got back home and I was able to enjoy some time on the patio with my husband as we watched the birds at the feeder.  Our children came out every so often to visit and then they disappeared back inside as only teenagers do.  My husband made supper on the barbecue and our daughter made the caesar salad to go with our supper.  Our son set the table.  After dinner, they took me out to Dairy Queen for a small caramel sundae with pecans.  What a great day this was!

Today I also heard about another person who did not beat their fight with cancer.  Everyday I seem to see obituaries in the newspaper about people that have had their lives end much too soon due to cancer.  I feel so thankful that my prognosis from the beginning has been so positive.  Now as I'm facing the end of treatment, I feel mixed feelings.  I'm hopeful and looking forward to the rest of my life and being cancer-free.  At the same time, I feel some guilt as I see others struggling with diagnoses and prognoses that are not so positive.  While going through my treatments, I would see others who were just as positive and obvious fighters but their chances of survival were more slim.  All this makes me wonder why some people get one form of cancer that is so vicious and terminal and others like myself get a form of cancer that is more treatable.

As the Relay For Life comes closer, I realize that research in the past has been so important in improving the treatment of various forms of cancer.  Thus, it gives people like me a better prognosis so that we can experience another Mother's Day, Father's Day,  birthday, etc.  So please when you have an opportunity to donate to cancer research, consider it carefully and realize that there are advancements made in research due to the money that is collected through fundraising.  As I walk in the Relay For Life this year, I will be remembering the wonderful people I've met who are also fighting cancer.  I will also be remembering the people that I know who have lost their battle with this horrible disease.  As I walk each lap, I will be thankful that I'm healthy enough to participate and I will be celebrating with my family and friends the end of my chemotherapy treatments.  This will be the beginning of getting better and stronger each day.

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  1. Glad you had a wondrful Mothers'Day and your family is so very special in so very many ways...keep looking ahead Cathy...many more wonderful days down the road

  2. Sounds like you had a wonderful day. Do not feel guilty for having a good prognosis; you have not committed a crime! There is no rhyme or reason to cancer, to the victims it chooses, and to the outcome each one faces. I'm sure we can both make a list of people we wish had had a different outcome, starting with our fathers, but unfortunately, cancer is unpredictable, and at times, ruthless. Allow yourself to enjoy each day; don't be saddled by guilt. I wish that everyone could beat this horrible disease, and maybe (and hopefully) one day it will be a thing of the past, so that everyone can be given a chance to keep going.