Monday, 14 May 2012

Day 19 - 6th Chemo Cycle

What a beautiful day it was today.  The sun shone brightly all day.  It was warm and you could almost see the leaves unfurl and grow on the trees.  Yesterday I took my tomato plants and red pepper plants outdoors onto the patio to get hardened off.  I'm hoping I'll be able to plant them on the weekend in my vegetable garden.  They seemed to survive just fine and were a little more perky looking today after the shock of being introduced to the outdoors yesterday.

I continued to be a little anxious about my CT scan results.  Wednesday can't get here soon enough.  In order to keep myself distracted and therefore more positive, I worked on my hedge some more.  I'm trying to cut back the top growth to where I had originally cut it back to when we first moved into the house 11 years ago.  Although we've trimmed the hedge every year and sometimes twice a year, the top seemed to gain and keep about 4 inches.  My project this year is to reclaim and cut it back.  It's slow going as I don't have a lot of strength and energy.  I do a little bit of work and then I have to sit down and rest for a bit.  Today I got a good portion done.  My muscles are sore and tired tonight but I think this is good as I will get myself back into some kind of physical shape.

I arrived late at my son's high school baseball game but I managed to sit on the bleachers for about 4 innings.  This is better than the last time I sat on bleachers last week.  At that time, I lasted only 3 innings before I had to leave.  Tonight my husband and I went for an hour walk.  It was hard and it was a slow walk but I was able to do it.  My body is slowly getting stronger.  I still need to build my stamina and my endurance.  I still run out of breath quickly.  I still have to rest often.  I still walk slowly.  I have noticed that my balance still isn't 100%.  I used to be able to walk up and down the bleachers at the ball fields without much effort.  My balance is off and as a result I'm wobbly going up and down the bleachers.  I find my legs are weaker also.  I feel like an old lady.

After our walk tonight, my husband and I sat on the patio until the moquitos chased us indoors.  It was so peaceful to hear the chickadees, robins and cardinals singing away.  A great end to a great day.  Let's hope tomorrow will be a repeat.

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