Friday, 4 May 2012

Day 9 - 6th Chemo Cycle

Hooray!!! I'm on the upswing!  When I went to bed last night, I was starting to feel better.  I fell asleep listening to the rain fall on my fresh, spring flowerbed below my window and the distant thunder.  It was relaxing.  I woke up this morning feeling refreshed.  I could hear the robin, cardinal, house finch and red-winged blackbird singing after the night of rain.  They were probably enjoying the feast of worms.

I managed to launder a load of towels and hang them outside on the line.  I had to stop multiple times to rest as I hung up the towels but I managed to get it done.  Hanging the laundry up would normally take me ten minutes to complete.  It took me 45 minutes because I would get tired and dizzy and have to sit down.  When I finished and had rested on the patio for a little while, I did pick some asparagus and then cooked it immediately for lunch.  There's nothing like fresh asparagus!  I spent most of my afternoon sitting on the patio reading and listening to the sounds of nature.  I loved it!!

I'm on the upswing but I'm still weak.  I get dizzy without expending much effort so it's still been a day of relaxing and letting my body heal from the chemotherapy.  The thrush is still there but I think it was a little better today too.  I'm still taking the Nystatin even though I don't like it.  I have to take it after meals and it always ruins the wonderful taste of what I've eaten.  Oh well, just a few more days and then I won't ever have to take it again!!

I'm hoping that if I behave and don't do anything tonight and tomorrow, I'll be able to attend my son's baseball game tomorrow if it isn't cancelled due to field conditions.  I hope this weekend that I can start seeing people again.  I would like to start talking to people face to face and maybe start collecting offline pledges for my Relay For Life team.  For those who are interested in supporting me, you can check out the following link:

I just want my life to come back to normal.  I want to enjoy my children's activities.  I want to putter in my garden and in the yard.  I want to be able to do these things without getting weak and dizzy.  I have been patient and I continue to be patient but now that I've come to the end of the chemotherapy,
I'm eagerly looking forward to LIVING life.
It's been a good day and I hope it will be a great weekend.

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