Sunday, 20 May 2012

A Day of Rest

I didn't sleep well again last night due to night sweats but also the outdoor temperature was warm.  I arose in time this morning to go to church.  I haven't been since back in February.  What a joy it was to see everyone in my church family/community.  Like in February, I again was welcomed with warm, open arms but also joy as my church family celebrated the news of my remission.  Prayers have definitely been answered.

During the service, the congregation was asked to think about a moment when you have felt lifted up, soared and stayed up there.  I thought about it and the obvious answer was when I received the news I was in remission.  But as I thought about this abstract concept in more depth, I realized that it actually occurred when I was in my second cycle of treatment.  I can remember it was Day 7 of the second cycle of chemotherapy.  I had just finished my prednisone, I was in a depression because of that.  I was also very chilled, nauseous and achy.  I was at home by myself as my husband was at work and the children were at school.  I can remember laying curled up in a fetal position in my bed with all the covers, my housecoat and anything else I could find piled on top of me to try to warm me up.  I was absolutely miserable.  I remember if I moved, I felt like I was going to be sick.  It hurt even to open my eyes.  I remember opening my eyes and seeing my grandmother's crucifix on my wall.  As I looked at that crucifix, I felt a sense of peace and calm.  I remember feeling a sense of being held and lifted up out of my misery.  This wasn't an out of body experience, but an abstract feeling of my soul being held.  I do remember feeling that sense of being lifted up and carried.  In my opinion, this would be when I was soaring.  I truly believe I continued this way spiritually throughout the rest of the treatment.

Obviously, I enjoyed being out at church this morning.  I was tired for the rest of the day and spent my afternoon on my patio and in my backyard in the shade.  I watched the wildlife and just relaxed.  Yesterday's bake sale combined with a sleepless night had me laying down for a short nap late this afternoon.

After supper, once the heat of the day was past, I went for a nice long walk with my husband.  Walking uphill continues to make me breathless.  I'm able to walk farther each time I go out though which is encouraging.  After our walk, we enjoyed some additional time on the patio watching the cardinals, blue jays, robins and sparrows in our backyard.  We were able to listen to the sounds quieten as the birds made their way to their beds.  We were then chased indoors by the mosquitoes that made their appearance known.

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