Monday, 16 April 2012

Day 12 - 5th Chemo Cycle

I had good energy today.  I hung out some laundry, did some household financial stuff, started to put together my Relay for Life team and then I did a little bit of gardening.  I cleaned up some of my flowerbeds which didn't get done last Fall or earlier this year.  Then I was very hot, tired and weak.  When I went inside, I realized it was lunch time which may have explained why I felt weak.  I was surprised that I felt so hot.

I had my lunch, checked my emails and then went back outside.  I finished my flowerbeds and even started on some weeding.  There's still lots more weeding to do but at least I got a start on it.  I like working outside in the garden because you get to feel the warmth of the sun beating on your back and at the same time hear the birds chirping and singing away.  Once I was tired, I got very hot again and when I looked in the mirror my face and neck were very red.  I wondered if I had overexerted myself.  I then had to go to an appointment and while I was waiting in the lobby, I again felt myself get very, very hot.  My husband was with me and I asked him if my face was red.  According to him, it was very red.

When we got home we had a delicious supper of meatloaf, mashed potatoes, corn and gravy.  A generous lady from my church had called this morning to see if I would be home in the early afternoon for her to drop off a meatloaf as she was making some for her family too.  My son put it in the oven while I was at my appointment and we had supper ready when I got home.  While I was cleaning up from supper, I got very hot again.  I looked in the mirror and again my face and neck were very red.  I realized that I have been experiencing hot flashes all day.  I've only had a couple of them before today.  I get night sweats very often.  So the chemotherapy has pushed my body into menopause.  My doctor warned me that this could happen.  It is irreversible.

I'm tired tonight.  I can feel some muscles aching already which is a good thing.  I had read somewhere that gentle exercise helps cancer patients cope emotionally.  To be honest, I just like being outside and enjoying the fresh air.  When my energy allows, I can't keep myself from puttering around the yard.  I enjoy it and it is relaxing.  We had a couple of rain showers and I was reminded how much I like the smell of fresh rain.  It all brings renewal which seems very appropriate as I head towards my last treatment next Thursday.

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