Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Day 14 - 5th Chemo Cycle

I had more night sweats again last night which interrupted my sleep.  I found I was able to go back to sleep fairly easily.  I think this is because my body was physically tired from working in the garden.  I like being active and especially if it helps me sleep well at night.  Anyway, this morning I was dragging when I woke up.  I was surprised that my muscles weren't sore because I haven't been physically active for the last 4 months.  So my plans of working on the hedge today were postponed.  I laundered all the bedding for my family which sapped my energy.  I hung it outside so that we all have nice fresh smelling bedding to sleep in tonight.

This afternoon a very good friend came by for a cup of tea and a visit.  As always, I enjoyed our time together and it went by much too quickly.  I'm tired tonight.  I'll have a quiet night of watching the NHL playoffs and the Toronto Blue Jays game.  I'll probably knit my socks while I watch television.  I'm hoping tomorrow I will have more energy again and I can work on the hedge.  It will be an ongoing project which I'll tackle when I'm feeling well and energetic.  As I mentioned to my friend today, I'll trim the top of the hedge because I really want to and not because I "should" do it.

I'm hoping to register my Relay for Life team this coming weekend so those friends who have indicated they want to walk with me need to check their facebook tonight.

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