Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Day 21 - 5th Chemo Cycle

So today is the last day of the 5th chemo cycle.  I'll be going in for my LAST chemotherapy treatment tomorrow morning at 9:30.  I had a checkup at the doctor this afternoon.  I mentioned to him the swelling near my collarbone on the left side.  I mentioned that my voice is more hoarse again just like in November.  He asked me if I have developed a cough.  And yes, I've had a nagging cough since Friday (5 days).  I've been really tired again since Friday.

My doctor checked me over and is positive that the lymph node in my neck has not gotten bigger.  My blood levels were all well in the normal range.  He said that my body is just showing the effects of all the chemotherapy it's been receiving.  I have been cleared to receive the chemotherapy treatment tomorrow.  My doctor wants to see me again in 3 weeks time.  He is hoping that I will have a CT scan in about 2 weeks time and he will have the results when I see him next.  He reassured me that the lymphoma is gone.  It only has a 15-18% recurrance rate and that would be in the first 12-18 months after treatment.  He is convinced that we have it beat.

This morning my minister came to visit me.  I was honest with her and stated that I was full of anxiety.  Anxiety about tomorrow's treatment, anxiety about what I thought was the lymph node possibly growing, etc.  While visiting with her, I felt a real cloak of peace fall over me and it has stayed with me throughout most of today.

I'm very pleased with the generosity that has been shown so far in my team's quest to raise funds for the Relay For Life.  If you're interested in donating online, just go to the following link:

Here's hoping we can all celebrate the end of my treatments with donations. I'll be remembering all who donated as I walk on June 1.

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  1. Just came home from a church ladies night...lots of laughs..will be thinking of you tomorrow made it #6 yahoo!! God will be with you all the way...and remember if you have bad dreams.....turn your pillow over the goods ones are on the other side. Be proud of all you have accomplished since this journey started